NQC 2016

The 11th National Quality Conclave is a two-day flagship event of QCI wherein several eminent international and national experts are being invited for addressing various sessions with the inaugural session that sets the guideline and outlines the theme of the entire Conclave. The theme will inspire questions that will increase our understanding of quality practices in an innovative world and provide directions on additional practical applications for the shaping of a stronger and sustainable future. The Conclave will act as a platform for sharing new ideas, and involve in active discussion about promoting and achieving support from all stakeholders to improve quality.

Each year the Conclave, adopts a theme based on current economic trends to inspire questions through interactive sessions to increase our understanding of the best quality practices in various sectors. The Conclave also acts as a platform for sharing new ideas on how to go about for promoting and achieving support from all stakeholders to improve quality. This year we have planned the event with a target audience of over 1000 delegates, from all walks of life. It will have 9 concurrent sessions, 2 plenaries besides the inaugural and valedictory sessions.

The Conclave will be addressed by several policy and decision makers, national & international experts and is aimed at industry leaders, managers from public and private sectors, government departments, scientific and professional institutes, NGOs, academicians, students and all other stakeholders who have interest in the theme and the recent programs launched by the Government.

The tentative program has been put up on our website The 11th National Quality Conclave is a not to be missed event for quality professionals where participants will have the opportunity to learn new skills and hear experts for two full days turn around presentations and discussions. We are sure of your support to the Council’s effort for promoting quality in all walks of life and would be happy to have your participation as a delegate or sponsor.

DL Shah Awards

The QCI-DL Shah Quality Awards have been instituted with a view to promote awareness that performance improvement through quality initiatives is an important element for gaining a competitive edge. The Award recognises successful projects of an organisation that have resulted in continuous improvement of products and/or services, better and effective operations as well as increased customers/stakeholders satisfaction.

Level 2 : QCI-D.L. Shah National Quality Gold Award Level 1 : QCI-D.L. Shah National Quality Platinum Award Level 3 : QCI-D.L. Shah National Quality Silver Award

For more details please visit http://qcin.org/nbqp/DLSHAH/index.php

About QCI

QCI is playing a pivotal role at the national level in propagating, adoption and adherence to quality standards in all important spheres of activities including education, healthcare, environment protection, governance, social sectors, infrastructure sector and such other areas of organized activities That has significant bearing in improving the quality of life and well-being of the citizens of India. QCI has been taking initiatives to promote the cause of good Governance, Empowerment and Quality of Public Services. QCI is also entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out Quality Promotion with the support of Government of India in sectors such as Manufacturing / Service and including Industry, Healthcare, and Education etc.

The Quality Council of India (QCI) is a pioneering experiment of the Government of India in setting up organizations in partnership with the Indian industry.

For more details please visit http://qcin.org/

Chairman's Message

Dear Friends, It gives us immense pleasure to announce the Annual Flagship Event of the Quality Council of India (QCI), the 11th National Quality Conclave scheduled for 19th – 20th August 2016 at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi. The theme is “Improving Quality for our 1.25 Billion Citizens”.

India’s recent growth and development has been one of the most significant achievements of our times along with growing 1.25 billion people, the world’s fourth-largest economy. Over the six and half decades since independence, the country has brought about landmark revolution in agriculture that has transformed the nation from chronic dependence on grain imports into a global agricultural powerhouse that is now a net exporter of food. Life expectancy has more than doubled, literacy rates have quadrupled, and health conditions have improved significantly along with life expectancy, besides emergence of sizeable middle class segment with growing expectations. India is now a home to globally recognized companies cutting across industry sectors such as food processing, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, steel, consumer goods, telecom and information technology besides space technologies and services etc., making an impact on the international stage that is more in keeping with its enormous size and potential.

Historic changes are unfolding and unleashing a host of new opportunities to forge a 21st-century nation under the able leadership of the Centre. A series of new initiatives have been taken up in the last 2 years. India is staging the largest and youngest workforce in the world. At the same time, the country is in the midst of a massive wave of urbanization as some estimated 10 million people move to towns and cities each year in search of jobs and opportunities. It is the largest rural-urban migration of this century. How India develops its significant human potential and lays down new models for the growth of its burgeoning towns and cities will largely determine the shape of the future for the country and its people in the years to come. Massive investments will be needed to create the jobs, housing, and infrastructure to meet soaring aspirations and make towns and cities more liveable and greener. Generating growth that lifts all the areas will be the key, for more than 400 million of India’s people (one-third of the world’s poor) still living in poverty.

Fostering greater levels of education and skills will be critical to promote prosperity in a rapidly globalizing world, improving health care and wellbeing will be equally important. The country’s infrastructure needs are massive and requires huge investments. India now has that rare window of opportunity to improve the quality of life for its 1.25 billion citizens and lay the foundations for a truly prosperous future – A future that will impact the country and its people for generations to come besides making an impact to the western world.

Keeping in view the above, QCI being the flagship organization on quality infrastructure, accreditation and Quality Campaign at a National level in India is organizing the 2-day 11th National Quality Conclave with an intent to deliberate on key issues that impact the nation and to facilitate further improvement in the quality of lives of the citizens of our country.

It is said ‘strive, for not making a living rather strive, for making a life”.

Several prominent international and national experts including policy / decision makers have been invited to speak on key issues and deliberate in context of current Indian conditions during the conclave, and to suggest recommendations as well as provide a possible roadmap for the quality professionals and organizations, both within the Government, academia and the Industry in the country. The conclave shall also enhance understanding on the best quality practices and the innovative ways to deal with quality issues in other parts of the world, thus providing directions for shaping the better future of our 1.25 billion citizens. The Conclave will be a platform for sharing new ideas, and shall evolve in an active discussion on promoting and achieving support from all stakeholders to improve quality.

NQC 2016 is likely to be attended by more than 1000 delegates across sectors. It will have 9-12 concurrent sessions, 2 plenaries besides the inaugural and valedictory sessions. NQC 2016 deliberations are aimed at industry leaders, managers from public and private sectors, government, scientific and professional institutes, NGOs, academicians, students and all other stakeholders who have interest in improving the quality of products, services and ultimately the life of the citizens of our country.

Over the last few years, QCI has taken several initiatives to promote quality in industry, healthcare, environment, education including skill upgradation and public services. We are also actively involved with the ZED initiative to support the “Make in India” initiative of the Government of India. Currently we are focusing our efforts on two specific initiatives i.e. improving the competitiveness of SME sector and improving timely delivery of Public Services.

The detailed program schedule is placed and being regularly updated on the NQC website (www.2016conclave.qci.org.in). We look forward for your kind support and active participation in the NQC 2016. Also we would be happy to receive nominations of relevant persons form your organization to actively participate in the deliberations of the 11th NQC sessions and make the event memorable besides knowledge enrichment.

With my best regards,
Adil Zainulbhai
Quality Council of India

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